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Flawless hygiene – check. Great guest experience – check. Convenience – check. Our 2021 collection of disposable table covers lets you tick all the boxes, every meal you serve. Designed with nature in mind, it offers high-quality materials and styles.

2021 Catalogues

Why Choose Duni Table Covers

Exclusive qualities, outstanding drapeability and performance

Optimal hygiene and freshness: no fading, wrinkles, stains

Single-use, convenient, linen look and feel

Indoor and outdoor solutions

Colour-coordinated with napkins and candles

Stay Safe; Do Well. We're Here to Help.

Contact us to find out more about our top-quality, sustainably designed packaging solutions, or to get advice on customisation, hygiene or how to minimise environmental impact.

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Reels on Wheels

Ideal for busy periods, reels combine elegance and ease of use. Reels on Wheels let you take full advantage of this opportunity, by greatly simplifying transport and setting-up. If you are like to discover new ways to streamline operations, watch the short how-to-movie.

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The Ultimate Textile-Like Setting

Luxurious Evolin® gives you the exclusive look and feel of textile - without linen hassles.

  • Exclusive material
  • Exquisite embossing, tactile softness
  • Textile-like embossing matches DUNILIN® napkins
  • Best solution on the market for prestigious events

Available in:

  • Unicolors
  • Tablecovers, Round Table Covers, Tete-a-tetes, Banquet Reels, Placemats and New Slipcovers. 



Strong. Outlasts Every Celebration

Dunicel® combines extra-ordinary durability with timeless elegance- and comes in a wide choice of designs and rich, non-transparent colors.

  • Long-lasting
  • Drapes beautifully
  • Soft, smooth and heavyweight

Available in:

  • Designs and Unicolors
  • Banquet Reels, Slipcovers, Placemats, Table Skirts, Table Covers, Tete-a-tetes, 3-in-1 and tablerunners. 



Practical, convenient, economical, paper table coverings are ideal for large events where efficiency and economy are major considerations.

  • Stylish
  • Economical

Available in:

  • Design and Unicolors
  • Placemats and Paper Reels



Practical, innovative material used for ecoecho® solutions and packaging

  • New material on the market, which creates a great eco feel
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • For a full concept, combine placemats and Sacchetto napkin pockets made with grass paper

Available in:

  • Placemats
  • Napkin Pockets

Personal, Practical Table Covers

Table covers make any dining occasion feel more special, improve acoustics, and create a lovely canvas for your food. They also protect your tables, meaning less cleaning, better hygiene, and more time for guests.

Made for mixing and matching with the rest of our collection, the disposable table covers we offer allow you to individualise the mood and care for nature. All FSC®-certified, they come in timeless colours and unique eco-conscious, tactile materials, such as Evolin® and Dunicel®.

2021 Catalogue

The Ultimate Textile-Like Setting

Why are so many restaurateurs and hoteliers across Europe switching from linen to breakthrough Evolin®? Is it the way the material combines the look and feel of linen with the convenience of single-use? The design flexibility and choice of colours? The greater control over costs?
Now, with the introduction of new Evolin® reels, the opportunities to set stunning tables are greater than ever.

Environmentally and Socially Responsible

Duni is an FSC®-certified company. This means that the great majority of the tissue-based products in our collection – notably our table covers and napkins - come from wood fibres sourced from responsibly managed FSC®-certified forests.

In an age where consumers are deeply concerned about environmental and ethical issues, they enable you send a positive signal about your values. And, simultaneously, limit the impact of your business on the natural world.


Want to create a seamless, stylish table-settings? Our napkin colours and designs are coordinated with our table covers.
That way it's easy to bring your vision to life!

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Design Your Perfect Mood

Every meal creates a golden opportunity to add a special something – what we at Duni call ‘goodfoodmood®’. We instil this into every product we make – whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party or an exclusive corporate dinner. So how will you create your goodfoodmood? Check out our catalogues for inspiration.


Everything for the set table in hotels, restaurants and catering events.


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